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Dennis Quaid reaches divorce settlement with ex-wife

Dennis Quaid, the celebrity actor, has reached a final agreement with his now ex-wife regarding property division, child support and alimony. The high-asset divorce will see millions of dollars moving between the pair. They have also reached an agreement for the care and co-parenting of the children. Texas individuals seeking divorce may be able to glean some helpful details from the public example of Quaid and his wife. 

Divorce can prompt financial awareness

Individuals reaching retirement age are choosing to leave their partners more often. The new trend is known as gray divorce, and the numbers of people over 50 who break off a marriage are rising. Ending a marriage at this later-in-life stage may prompt some individuals to look more closely at finances and investments. Texas residents who may not be currently involved with marital finances may soon decide that an active role may be useful for their needs. 

Prenuptial agreements can help lovers dodge contentious divorce

Prenuptial agreements are a useful tool for individuals who anticipate that someday they may need to end their marriage. A timely, honest and properly drafted prenup can help an individual avoid an acrimonious divorce by setting expectations well in advance of any trouble. Many Texas couples choose to utilize the prenup and ease their minds about potential issues during a breakup. 

How divorce can affect federal employer benefits

Regular life events can affect any employee's income and employment benefits. If a person is a federal employee, certain policies go into effect during and after a divorce and will impact the benefits in various ways. A federal employee in Texas, or a person formerly married to one, will need to take certain steps to manage changes in benefits during a divorce. 

Starting over after divorce

For individuals going through a painful breakup, the thought of beginning again may seem intimidating. It can be hard to imagine, but a person can start again after a divorce and have a life that is enjoyable. For individuals in Texas going through the end of their marriage, a few common suggestions may help them meet the challenges of this trying time. 

More states deciding fate of pets in divorce

While not on the same par as a child custody battle, for many couples, deciding who gets the pet may be nearly as upsetting. Pets are frequently the source of emotional support and an intangible security that may be a devastating loss following a divorce. Although Texas has not yet passed laws regarding the assignment of pets at the end of a marriage, other states are finding it necessary to address the issue head-on.

January is the busiest month for divorce, and here's why

Although people decide to call it quits on relationships throughout the year, January is typically the busiest month. More new divorces are filed this month than the others, and the experts have a few thoughts as to why. Texas residents considering a breakup in January may be able to look at this list and see some of their own reasons for divorce reflected there. 

What are some of the common causes for divorce?

Over the years, researchers have spent a considerable amount of time attempting to figure out what causes marriages to end. The results can vary widely from study to study, but a review of several studies does highlight some common reasons why couples divorce. More than likely, Texas couples either contemplating divorce or already going through the process can relate to at least one.

Do I really need a prenup in case of divorce?

Prenuptial agreements are a fantastic planning tool for soon-to-be married couples. Virtually every couple in Texas could benefit from the protections afforded by prenups, but some people are understandably hesitant to utilize these marriage contracts. For those uncertain about whether a prenuptial agreement is appropriate for them, it is important to consider what is at stake in a divorce.

Texas reality stars feud over divorce agreement, alimony

Armando and Veronica Montelongo might be known for their "Flip This House" show, but the Texas couple has been divorced for years. Their split recently made news again when Veronica claimed that her ex-husband failed to make multiple alimony payments. She claims that he violated their divorce agreement, and the two headed back to court.

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