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Divorce and property division -- why you should think about taxes

Most people in Texas understand that there are financial implications to divorce. It is not necessarily uncommon for divorcees to experience a temporary drop in income, a loss in retirement savings and other finance-related issues. However, this does not mean that unhappy couples must necessarily delay divorce. Instead, people should be vigilant regarding the short and long-term implications of property division throughout the entire process. 

Is divorce contagious?

Most people in Texas know that financial stress, constant arguing and unrealistic expectations can lead couples to reevaluate their marriages. But what about other common divorce factors that are less well known? It turns out that simply knowing someone who has divorced increases the likelihood of filing for divorce. 

How can I prepare for alimony discussions in divorce?

The idea of making regular payments to an ex is difficult for some Texas divorcees. Particularly for those who do not have children, the idea of making a clean break and going on their separate ways is preferable to maintaining ties through alimony. However, since alimony is a reality for most people, it is best to start the divorce process as prepared as possible. 

Divorce and student loans -- more connected than you think

Student loan debt may seem like it is spiraling out of control. College graduates in Texas often leave school with tens of thousands of dollars in debt, repaying those loans can be both financially and emotionally stressful. That is perhaps one of the reasons why student loan borrowers are slightly more likely to see their marriages end in divorce.

Divorce? Millennials may be more protected than past generations

Marriage is about the union of two people in love, yes, but some millennials also understand something else -- marriage is a legal contract with obligations from both parties. More than past generations, millennials in Texas seem to be interested in prenuptial agreements and the protections that these valuable documents afford. In the case of divorce, these individuals tend to have more to protect as well as more to protect themselves from.

Divorce and retirement -- are you ready?

From who gets the house to how debt should be split, people often feel like they must make dozens of tiny financial decisions when ending their marriage. In many ways this can be an emotionally exhaustive period, but it is important to stay on top of this process through the very end of a divorce. Otherwise, Texas divorcees could risk their financial security for retirement.

Dogs can make divorce complicated

There is no denying how far some owners in Texas will go for their animals. From researching the most nutritious foods to making sure their beloved pets are up-to-date with vaccinations, many cats and dogs are like fully-fledged family members. However, family law does not view beloved pets as anything more than property, which can severely complicate the divorce process.

I have a prenup, will the new tax law affect my divorce?

Prenuptial agreements are a valuable tool for individuals with significant assets that they wish to protect. Many Texas couples utilize these agreements to establish the terms of a divorce should their marriage end, which includes addressing future alimony payments. With new tax changes set to take place in 2019, some people are worried about the effect on their prenups.

Preparing to announce plans to divorce

People often ignore the signs for months or even years. Still, there comes a moment when a spouse realizes the marriage is no longer working. What then? Divorce is a drastic step and affects nearly every area of one's life. This is why it is important that Texas spouses considering divorce take some steps to protect themselves before making their plans for divorce official.

Dennis Quaid reaches divorce settlement with ex-wife

Dennis Quaid, the celebrity actor, has reached a final agreement with his now ex-wife regarding property division, child support and alimony. The high-asset divorce will see millions of dollars moving between the pair. They have also reached an agreement for the care and co-parenting of the children. Texas individuals seeking divorce may be able to glean some helpful details from the public example of Quaid and his wife. 

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