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Should You Be Embracing Virtual Visitation?

Virtual visitation – also known as electronic visitation or e-visitation – is a valuable tool that allows co-parents to maintain a relationship with their children via technology when a child is not residing with one or the other. 

When it is used in a thoughtful and respectful manner, virtual visitation can provide several benefits for both parents and children, fostering communication and connection regardless of physical distance. If you are concerned that your child may not feel as connected to you and/or your co-parent as they want or need to be in the wake of your split with your co-parent, you might want to consider virtual visitation as a means to help achieve the following goals.

Strengthen parent-child relationships

Virtual visitation allows co-parents to actively participate in their children’s lives, even if they live far away or have limited physical access due to various reasons. By utilizing video conferencing, messaging and other digital communication methods, parents can engage in real-time conversations with their children, see their faces and hear their voices. This regular interaction helps to maintain and strengthen parent-child bonds.

Virtual visitation also promotes consistent involvement in important milestones and daily activities. Parents can virtually attend school events, sporting activities, recitals and share in the joys and challenges of their children’s lives. This sense of ongoing involvement can contribute to a child’s emotional well-being (as well as each parent’s) and can help to foster a healthy parent-child relationship.

Benefit from convenient access to each other

Virtual visitation can be scheduled to accommodate different time zones, work schedules and other commitments, providing an opportunity for regular communication between parents and their children. Virtual visitation also allows for an increased frequency of communication. Unlike traditional parenting time schedules, which may only occur during specific periods, virtual visitation can happen more frequently, providing additional opportunities for parents and children to interact and share experiences.

By utilizing technology, co-parents can foster meaningful connections and emotional well-being. With that said, setting up a virtual visitation schedule that works for everyone isn’t always easy. Seeking legal guidance before committing to an approach is usually a good idea as a result.