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Enforcing Child Custody Orders in Texas

Co-parenting can be a real headache when your co-parent is non-compliant with court-issued custody orders despite your best efforts to address the situation. They could be refusing to return a child on time after a scheduled visitation or interfering with your parental rights in other ways, contrary to the court orders.

When this happens, you need to take appropriate action to enforce custody orders and protect your children’s overall well-being and your place in their lives. Here is what you need to do.

Try talking to your co-parent

You may have tried dialogue before, but it does not hurt to give it one last shot. Explain to your co-parent how their actions affect you or the children, and let them know that you will take further action if the issue persists. Sometimes, this may be enough to get things back on track.

Gather the necessary evidence

It helps to gather evidence of your co-parent’s disregard of the custody orders. Document every instance your co-parent brings the children back late or prevents you from accessing them, yet you have visitation orders. Be sure to capture minor details like the date and time alongside any communication records that can help prove your case.

Seek the court’s intervention

If resolving the matter out-of-court is not an option, you can go to court for a lasting solution. Court orders are enforceable, and your co-parent may be held in contempt of court for going against the judge’s directives.

Generally, the process entails filing an enforcement lawsuit indicating the provisions of the custody order you wish to enforce, your co-parent’s violation of the existing orders, and how you would like the court to help. It is best to have the proper legal representation to help increase your chances of a successful outcome.