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Child support is frequently at issue in family law proceedings. Whenever custody and parenting time is in dispute, child support issues come up as well. For the most part, child support issues are fairly straightforward. Child support is determined based on a formula which considers a number of factors, including parenting time, income and health insurance among others. At the McNutt Law Firm PLLC, we know that you just want to be okay — whether you have to pay child support or whether you are going to receive child support.

Texas state child support guidelines outline what one parent should pay to another in order to account for the child’s basic needs such as shelter, food, health insurance and other basic necessities. Parties may agree to add additional amounts in an agreement, including extracurricular activities and school tuition.

Determining Income When Income Is Not Straightforward

For many people, determining income is pretty easy. Using W-2s or pay stubs, we can calculate annual and monthly income. However, issues frequently arise when a party is self-employed or owns a larger business or partnership. The determination of income is critical to determining child support but there can be complicating factors in these situations. What a person may claim as income for tax purposes, is not necessarily what their income is as far as the family court is concerned.

Often with the help of financial experts or through discovery, our attorneys can work with clients to determine their income or the income of the other parent if that is at issue. This thorough evaluation can have a huge impact on the amount of child support paid and/or received by our clients.

Change In Circumstances? We Can Help With Modifications And Enforcement.

Often circumstances change after an order is entered that makes following the order unreasonable or impossible. It also may be that a party is unhappy with the order and simply refuses to comply. Our lawyers can assist clients attempting to enforce an order or modify an order. Sometimes both parties agree that the current order is unworkable and just need an updated order reflecting a new agreement.

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