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3 Common Mistakes Dads Make During a Texas Divorce

No one gets married thinking they’ll eventually divorce, but unfortunately, this is the reality for most people. Divorce can be an emotional process. 

Plenty of divorced dads have lived to regret the decisions they made on impulse simply to end the contentiousness with their co-parent. While both men and women are susceptible to mistakes during the divorce process, the following are some of the common mistakes men make:

1. Not taking the warning signs seriously

Many men have been blindsided when they’re served with divorce papers. While your spouse may have mentioned divorce, you may not have taken her seriously. Ignoring even more subtle warning signals may put you at a disadvantage during the divorce. You lose valuable time that can help you prepare financially, emotionally and logistically to the situation.

2. Not making your children a priority

Children thrive when both parents are involved in their lives. However, during the divorce, you may want to keep the peace so badly and give in to your spouse’s demands. While keeping the peace is a noble goal, you need to remain focused on having a relationship with your children and don’t be afraid to fight for it. 

3. Allowing your negative emotions to rule you

Men are socialized to be tough and not to be vulnerable. Therefore, they tend to mask their fear and sadness with anger. But what happens when you unload to your soon-to-be ex? Explosive outbursts, especially in the presence of your kids, can harm your child custody case.

Divorces can be complicated, especially if children are involved. You can easily make mistakes during this time, especially if your spouse is manipulative. However, whether your divorce is more or less friendly, consider seeking legal assistance to protect your rights.