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Charged with neglect? You need a strong child protection defense

Parents in Texas have to be the best they can with what they have, and many sacrifice their own needs in order to meet their children's. Sadly, parents who are struggling financially are often easy targets for the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services -- DFPS. In these situations, creating a strong child protection defense is essential.

What you should know when creating your child protection defense

Being investigated for alleged child abuse is frightening enough as it is, and not fully understanding the process can make it worse. Parents may feel as if they have few -- if any -- options for defending themselves. However, taking the time to learn more about how these allegations are handled in Texas can be very helpful when creating a child protection defense.

Child protection services removed infant after fall

Parents know how important it is to seek prompt medical attention for serious injuries, so getting children to the emergency room is a priority. Unfortunately, some doctors misinterpret children's injuries. An attentive parent who was just doing his or her best to get medical treatment for a child could end up being investigated by child protective services. In 2018, two Texas parents went through this exact situation.

Child protection defense: Better understanding Texas' abuse laws

Parenting is never easy, but for some it can be much harder. Parents who are accused of abuse or neglect often face uphill battles on behalf of both themselves and their children. This can be an extremely difficult process, and parents may understandably feel isolated and alone. Understanding more about how Texas child abuse laws work may help some parents better address their plans for child protection defense.

Child protection defense: Mother of 5 arrested for abandonment

Texas police recently arrested a woman who supposedly left her five children at home alone while she traveled out of state. However, the woman refutes the allegation that she abandoned her children and is instead chalking it up to a misunderstanding between her and other adults. In this type of situation, mounting a strong child protection defense can be important, particularly for parents who hope to keep or regain custody of their children.

Child protection defense: Mother of 3 charged with neglect

For parents, there is usually nothing more important than the safety of their children. Unfortunately, parents are still human and as such are not perfect. Parents in Texas make decisions each and every day that they later regret, wondering if there was a better option at the time. When these decisions lead to allegations of abuse or neglect, mounting a strong and timely child protection defense can be essential.

Why do I need a child protection defense?

Your children mean the world to you, and anything that compromises your ability to be there for them can be particularly difficult. If you were accused of abuse or endangerment, you might understandably be feeling overwhelmed and confused about what to do next. Developing a strong child protection defense can be a crucial first step to getting you and your children's lives back on track.

Child protection defense: What are mandatory reporters?

Mandatory reporters play an important role in protecting children who are suffering from abuse. However, because of the nature of being a mandatory reporter, some adults may act overzealously and report things that are either non-issues or completely non-existent. For Texas parents who are currently working on their child protection defense, here are a few important things to understand about mandatory reporters.

Maintain a strong child protection defense against false claims

For Texas parents, there are few things more terrifying than potentially losing access to their children. These fears may be realized when under investigation by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. Maintaining a strong child protection defense is often essential for parents who are eager to be reunited with their children or to maintain custody.

A child protection defense team can keep your child with family

For Texas parents, there is nothing worse than being accused of compromising the well-being of your children. Sadly, this is the reality that many loving parents face every day. When dealing with these types of allegations, it is essential for parents to work with a qualified child protection defense team, which will ensure that the involved child's best interests are respected and that the parent's rights are also upheld.

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