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Will my wife automatically get her way with child custody?

Divorcing the mother of your children can be an emotional experience. As a father, you may feel worried about how much time you will have with your kids after your divorce. This is understandable as, looking back at how these matters were handled in the past, Texas mothers seemed to come out on top in child custody matters. 

Tips for creating a child custody plan

Parents who are separating want to be able to create a plan that sets the guidelines for how they will parent together after a divorce. There are ways to draft a child custody plan that is fair for the parents and in the best interests of children. When Texas parents keep the facts and their goals in mind while creating a parenting plan, they may be able to make the co-parenting process a bit easier. 

Father fights to regain child custody of his daughter

A man in another state is heartbroken as he attempts to reunite with his child. The father has filed a lawsuit against a county Department of Social Services, claiming that he was deceived into signing away his parental rights. The child custody case has roots that go back years, and the county's practice of having parents sign the documents has been questioned before. Parents in Texas having custody issues may certainly be able to relate to the man's unfortunate case. 

Child custody myths are dispelled with research

For many individuals, making a plan to share parenting time with an ex can be a challenge. Child custody has its share of myths that some individuals cling to because of bias, self-interest or gender politics. In Texas, when making decisions about parenting, judges strive to act based upon the best interests of the child. Recent research documents that shared parenting, in general, supports the best interests of a child. 

A focus on best interests can help child custody negotiations

A parent who is facing a divorce will likely be concerned about the future of the children involved. Many people hope to avoid any problems that could lead to a long, uncomfortable child custody battle that will affect their kids. It is possible to strive for this ideal, to keep the best interests of the children at the forefront and come to a workable solution for Texas families undergoing the divorce process. 

In today's world, more fathers win child custody battles

Without a doubt, courts here in Texas and across the country once favored keeping kids with their mothers. Even under questionable circumstances, family courts used to believe that children were better off with their mothers than with their fathers full time. Fortunately, that bias is fading away, and even though most courts would prefer parents to share custody these days, more fathers win child custody battles than at any other time.

There's no child custody plan; should I worry about paternity?

No two families in Texas are alike. Each has its own needs that must be addressed, from getting married to filing for divorce, creating child custody arrangements and even establishing paternity. Paternity is especially important for unmarried parents -- especially fathers -- as private agreements made solely between parents are usually not legally binding, and cannot be enforced by the family law courts.

Study claims 50/50 child custody could be best

Before a divorce, parents usually have meaningful interactions with their children daily. However, child custody arrangements that prioritize sole physical custody do not always reflect the crucial importance of these interactions. No two families in Texas are alike, and for some sole custody might indeed be the most appropriate choice, but recent research indicates that plenty of children would be best served by joint custody arrangements.

Considering nesting as an option when negotiating child custody

The end of a marriage can be a highly stressful and emotional period, perhaps especially for couples who have children together. Child custody is a major concern for parents in Texas and across the country, many of whom wish to protect their kids from suffering throughout the process. One area in particular that is a concern for some parents concerns future living arrangements, prompting some to consider nesting as a viable option.

State enacts law giving grandparents child custody preference

When a Texas family is facing a loved one who is struggling with addiction, there are a great many negative effects that ripple outward, affecting many people. When an addiction prevents a parent from providing the proper level of care for a child, things can be even more complicated. This set of circumstances places extended family in a position of having to step in and provide a safe and loving home for the kids, and grandparents are often the first to accept that responsibility. Now, one state has passed a law that will help grandparents gain child custody of their grandchildren.

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