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3 tips for finding the right family law attorney

When you trust someone to advocate on your behalf, you want to have full confidence in this person’s ability to represent you. You also want to make sure the two of you have what it takes to establish an effective working relationship. Hiring a family law attorney is an investment, so it is wise to make efforts early on to research each potential attorney and improve your chances of finding the right fit for you.

I'm afraid my ex will make child abuse allegations against me

Unfortunately, false allegations of child abuse pop up in many divorces. In some cases, the parent making the allegation may believe the abuse to have occurred, but in many situations, the parent knows quite well that the accusation is false. Perhaps the parent is doing it to be malicious, or the parent genuinely believes the children would be better off having limited contact with the other parent. Maybe mental illness is involved.

Is it hard to get court-ordered alimony?

Alimony is not always easy to get, and states have varying requirements for court-ordered alimony. In Texas, it can be tricky to get. This is because Texas generally wants to create incentives for people to maintain employment. The theory is that alimony, especially long-term alimony, creates a reason for people to not find jobs.

Handling major holidays, post-divorce

Divorcing is rarely easy for anyone involved, and sometimes, the holiday season can make things even more difficult. Maybe you are gearing up to spend your first holiday season without your ex-partner, or perhaps you are having a hard time adjusting to the loss of certain traditions and customs. You may, too, be struggling because you typically spend your special days with your children, and you are a recent divorcee who will soon celebrate without them for the first time.

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