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November 2018 Archives

Will divorce derail my retirement?

Most married people in Texas spend their entire lives working toward a single, shared goal -- retirement. Although divorce can complicate those plans, it does not mean that people should remain in an unhappy marriage to protect their retirement savings. Instead, focusing on ways in which to minimize the financial impact of ending a marriage can help each spouse pursue a happier and financially stable retirement.

Do you know which assets you'll divide during divorce?

Like most people, you probably purchased items or acquired assets during your marriage that were for your sole use. However, because of Texas family law, most property acquired during marriage is considered to be that of both people unless one person can demonstrate otherwise. This community property approach can complicate your divorce.

Fathers feel unfair bias in child custody, support

Texas fathers tend to be far more involved in their children's lives than men of previous generations. However, family law norms have not been as quick to catch up with changing societal expectations. When it comes to child custody and support, many fathers feel as if they are not treated fairly by the courts.

How to protect your child during your deportation

If you are in the United States without legal authorization, you probably constantly worry about the possibility of deportation. That is understandable, but you should try not to panic. If you have children who are citizens of the United States, you may want to think about developing a plan to keep them safe during and after your removal proceedings.

Anna Faris, Chris Pratt to share joint child custody

Movie fans might know Chris Pratt for his roles in recent popular movies, but his most recent headlines seemed to focus on his ongoing divorce from actress Anna Faris. The couple recently finalized their split, addressing difficult topics such as child custody, support and more. For Texas parents who hope to share joint custody after their divorce, Faris and Pratt's unique approach to support may be of interest.

Maintain a strong child protection defense against false claims

For Texas parents, there are few things more terrifying than potentially losing access to their children. These fears may be realized when under investigation by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. Maintaining a strong child protection defense is often essential for parents who are eager to be reunited with their children or to maintain custody.

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