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April 2018 Archives

Tips for creating a child custody plan

Parents who are separating want to be able to create a plan that sets the guidelines for how they will parent together after a divorce. There are ways to draft a child custody plan that is fair for the parents and in the best interests of children. When Texas parents keep the facts and their goals in mind while creating a parenting plan, they may be able to make the co-parenting process a bit easier. 

Divorce can prompt financial awareness

Individuals reaching retirement age are choosing to leave their partners more often. The new trend is known as gray divorce, and the numbers of people over 50 who break off a marriage are rising. Ending a marriage at this later-in-life stage may prompt some individuals to look more closely at finances and investments. Texas residents who may not be currently involved with marital finances may soon decide that an active role may be useful for their needs. 

New law may provide a child protection defense for parents

Certain situations arise in which a parent has few resources to effectively care for a child. A parent may then wish to temporarily place a child in the care of another person while he or she acquires the needed resources that will allow him or her to be able to care for the child again. Sometimes, leaving a child with another person could cause the parent to be charged with neglect or abandonment, and this can leave the parent in need of a child protection defense. A proposed law in another state raises the issue and provides a solution that may be useful for parents in the state of Texas. 

In 2018, these family law problems are common

Couples are apt to fight over just about anything at the end of a marriage. Many family law attorneys in Texas have just about seen it all. Some lawyers who work closely with couples calling it quits say they are seeing new off-the-wall trends in what couples differ about during the divorce process. 

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