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June 2017 Archives

Could you be forgetting about assets during divorce?

One of the most important issues for divorcing Texas spouses to consider involves the full scope of marital wealth, and how that wealth will be divided. Property division is a divorce priority for a good reason, as the outcome will shape the financial lives of both parties for many years to come. It is important to make sure that all asset types are considered during a divorce, and that no money is being left on the negotiation table. That includes less common assets, such as memberships, time shares or other things of value that fall outside the scope of traditional assets.

A child custody fight could negatively impact kids' health

According to recent research, parents who are unable to move through their divorce without excessive tension and strife could be doing serious damage to the immune systems of their children. Researchers believe that any significant stressful experience in a child's life can have a negative impact on the child's ability to fight inflammation and defend against illness. That information could help Texas parents work to find ways to work together to resolve their divorce and child custody differences, rather than fighting to the bitter end over each and every issue within their divorce.

How to minimize the time and cost of a divorce

Facing a divorce is a stressful prospect, and many people worry about the life changes they will have to deal with as they separate from their spouse. Starting a new life might not be the only thing generating stress, though. You might be concerned about the process of divorce itself, including how long it will take and how expensive it will be.

Couple mounts child protection defense in medical marijuana case

As states across the nation continue to struggle with the issue of medical marijuana, the courts have been slow to keep pace with the rapid changes in how this drug is used, both for medical or recreational purposes. In many cases, parents in Texas and elsewhere have been faced with the risk of losing their children after authorities took issue with their use of the drug. For one family, assistance with their child protection defense could help them regain custody of their five children.

Reevaluating financial goals after a Texas divorce

The end of a marriage is a time of transition, one in which individuals have the chance to reshape the course of their lives. Part of that process involves making changes to their financial outlook, both in the months surrounding a Texas divorce and in the years to follow. Reevaluating financial goals is an important part of that process, and one that can shape priorities during and after the property division process.

Birdnesting: An innovative child custody approach

For Texas parents who are preparing to divorce, it is important to consider the entire scope of available custody arrangements. Birdnesting is one option, and even though it is far from the traditional child custody approach, it is a solution that can work wonders for some families. The best way to think about birdnesting is to recall the way that baby birds are raised and to apply that approach to children.

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