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Protecting your social media accounts during a divorce

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Many people share their daily lives online. Maybe you post pictures of your kids or vacation spots, or you talk to others on message boards about sports or hobbies or you like to see what your friends are up to. You may even be tempted to talk about your divorce online, yet, that could create a lot of difficulties for you during the divorce process itself.

What you post online can greatly affect the divorce process. Even one picture or comment could easily give your spouse an ill-gotten advantage. If you’re going through a divorce, consider the following tips until the process is finished:

Get off of social media

The best thing for you to do with your social media during a divorce is to take a break entirely. Essentially, you can’t post anything that might harm your divorce if you don’t actually use it. However, getting off of social media can be difficult, especially if you have to use it for work or other reasons. But, if you can, you should consider leaving social media for some time.

Change your passwords

Whether you leave social media or stay, you should consider changing your passwords. Your spouse could have access to your accounts and you don’t want them snooping on your private matters. You should consider making entirely new passwords, which you can make on many sites that create complex passwords that even your spouse can’t guess.

Alter your privacy settings

Every social media site has some kind of privacy setting. In many cases, users, such as yourself, can alter who sees your posts. Likewise, you could alter who comments on posts and who follows your accounts.

Don’t talk about your divorce online

The biggest thing to remember is that you shouldn’t talk about your divorce online. Any opinions or private details could create issues, especially if the process is still being discussed.

Don’t get tagged in others’ photos

This tip is a little harder to combat since you can’t always know when a picture of you is being taken and if you’ll be tagged once it’s uploaded. But, you should try to avoid getting tagged in a photo that may look bad to the court. Social media may seem like it shouldn’t affect your divorce, but it can create a huge impact. There are a lot of important legal matters to understand when getting a divorce.

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