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The difficulties of dating during a divorce

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Simply put, there shouldn’t be anything that prohibits you from seeing someone new while your divorce is underway. However, while you are in the process of picking up the pieces and healing, it might be helpful to understand how finding love is going to impact various aspects of your divorce like property division, spousal support and child custody. 

Dating during divorce can particularly prompt a host of questions with regard to the custody of your child. Is your child ready to meet your new partner? What about their health and safety?

Here are two ways your dating life can impact your child custody case:

A new relationship and your ability to care for the child

If your new relationship is distracting you from providing proper attention and care for your child, then you can be sure your soon-to-be ex will bring this up during the custody case. The court will likely award primary custody to the parent who is actively involved in the child’s life and upbringing.  So, if your dating life is keeping you from participating in important activities like the child’s school work, healthcare, feeding, sports and other activities, then this can significantly impact your case.

Your dating history and the child’s best interests

A new relationship will most definitely draw you away from your ex. And that is understandable. However, you should never resort to disparaging them, especially in the presence of your child. If you are constantly telling your child how your new partner is better than your ex (who is their parent), then this will definitely cause problems. In fact, this can amount to parental alienation.  If you want to win your custody case, then you may need to prove to the court that you are committed to fostering a healthy relationship between your child and the other parent. 

Putting your child’s best interests first

Child custody can be a sticky issue both during and after the divorce. Knowing your rights and obligations under the law may be crucial for safeguarding your child’s best interests and parenting rights while handling the subject of child custody. 

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