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Parenting through a holiday divorce

The holidays are quickly approaching, and as someone who is going through a divorce, that can be very difficult. You have children who want to do the same things you’ve done every year. You want to have traditions that you can fall back on, but without your partner, that’s not possible.

As a newly separated parent, your frustration and stress levels may be high, but it’s possible to get through your divorce and the holidays relatively unscathed. By preparing for custody-related issues and changes in your income or availability, you can be ready for anything thrown your way.

Preparing for custody challenges as a single parent

One of the major issues that arises during a divorce is how to divide your child’s custody schedule. With the holidays coming up, this may mean that one parent won’t see their child on Christmas or New Year’s. You and your spouse should discuss who will be available and when certain events are so that you can set up a schedule for your child that allows them to see more of their family members and friends.

Since you’re a newly independent parent, you may need to work more often or may have less financial support this season. Now may be a good time to set new traditions. For example, if you have to work on Christmas, the other parent may be able to handle custody that day. Then, you could set up an after-Christmas holiday party for your child a few days later. By spacing out the festivities, you’ll get to share in the holiday even if it’s not on the same day. This may also give you better financial control since there are deep discounts available once holidays have passed.

It is most important that your child has the support they need as this divorce processes. The primary concern should be setting up a stable custody schedule. Then, you can think about ways to adapt your parenting to make the most of the holiday season. This may be a unique holiday season this year, and your first as a single parent, but you can handle it when you start planning in advance.

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