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Modifications are sometimes necessary after divorce


Ending a marriage can be an emotionally taxing process, and reaching the best possible solution to important matters like child support, custody and more usually feels like a monumental achievement. So what are you supposed to do when something gets in the way of your divorce agreements? You may have to go back to court for a modification or enforcement order. 

The old saying goes that the only consistent in life is change, and this is true even if you have post-divorce court orders in place. However, if you or your ex experience a significant life change, you will need to petition the Texas family law court for a modification of any relevant orders. Common reasons to request modifications include: 

  • A change in income 
  • Relocation that will affect child custody 
  • A child’s special needs 
  • An increase in children’s expenses 

Requesting a modification as soon as you or your ex realize that you cannot pay your child support, make your alimony payments or abide by your custody agreements is essential. For example, simply being financially unable to pay child support does not excuse you from doing so, and courts will expect you to keep up with payments unless the order is modified. If you continue down a path of nonpayment you could face enforcement issues, which can land you in contempt of an order — a place where you do not want to be. 

Family law issues are complicated in Texas, and many parents struggle to meet their legal and financial obligations after a divorce. Modifications can help you update current support orders to better reflect your current situation and help avoid being hit with an enforcement order. For more information about modifications, enforcements and other family law topics, be sure to visit our website. 

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