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Divorce: Amazon founder never signed prenup


Amazon is such a common feature in the lives of most consumers that it might be hard for some people in Texas to imagine a world without online shopping. Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos might also find it hard to think back on the past before he created one of the largest retailers, especially as he heads for what will surely be an expensive divorce. The couple never signed a prenuptial agreement.

After 25 years of marriage and four children, Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos are ready to end their marriage. While untangling decades of shared lives can be difficult enough as it is, Jeff Bezos currently owns the most wealth of any person in the entire world. Without a prenup, dividing up all of that wealth — much of it tied up in Amazon stock — will be quite difficult. The split could also see significant changes for Amazon since it will give MacKenzie Bezos a potentially substantial stake in things.

Even though Jeff Bezos did not found the widely popular company until after he and his wife had already gotten married, he could have taken steps to protect himself. A prenuptial agreement might have been effective at protecting future business ventures and separate property, although a postnuptial agreement might have also been quite effective. Similar to a prenup, a postnup is signed after a couple has already tied the knot and tends to address many of the same topics.

Few people expect to get married only to divorce years later, and perhaps even fewer still expect to build a significant amount of wealth before calling things off. Regardless of expectations, it is usually a good idea for Texas couples to consider protecting themselves, their business interests and their personal assets. A pre or postnuptial agreement can help these individuals address these issues in an effective and open manner.

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