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As a parent, you already know that the financial undertaking of raising children is not for the faint of heart. From school supplies and fees to the weekly grocery bill, it is not cheap to be a parent. This may have you worried about your upcoming divorce, particularly if you earn significantly more than your soon-to-be ex, or vice-versa. Who will foot the bill for health care costs and how will you divide financial responsibility for other major financial responsibilities? Your child support order can cover all of these concerns. 

According to Texas family law, child support can be determined by a formula that takes a number of considerations into account. This process can be straightforward in some cases, and involves calculating both of your incomes, parenting time, health insurance costs and several other factors. You may want to have your W-2 or several pay stubs ready to go for this process. 

But what about situations in which income is not quite as straightforward? Perhaps you are self-employed or your ex owns his or her own business. Income from these forms of employment can fluctuate, making it difficult to peg down an average that can be accurately represented in a child support order. In such cases, expert guidance is often necessary. 

Both you and your ex want what is best for your child, which is why you are committing the time and effort to get child support right. We know that this is complicated though, and you may feel confused by some of the terminology or processes encompassed by Texas family law. For more thorough explanations and proven guidance, consider consulting with an experienced attorney who is familiar with these matters. 

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