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3 mistakes to avoid during your child custody battle


Your custody battle may be difficult, expensive and time-consuming. Despite the challenges of a custody case, your goal is to get a good decision.

Remember that every step you take during your custody hearings is crucial. Making a mistake may cloud how the court sees your parenting abilities. Even small errors may make you look bad. Here are some mistakes to avoid during your custody battle:

1. Trying to turn your children against the other parent

Your emotions may be at an all-time high during your divorce. Because of this, you may want to vent to your kids about the situation. You may even attempt to “win them over.” While you may feel the temptation to bad-mouth your spouse or argue why you are a better parent, do not do these things. The best thing for you to do is to be a friendly and supportive parent.

2. Not following temporary orders

When you begin the divorce process, the family court may issue an interim order regarding custody until there is a permanent one. Pay attention to the schedule on this temporary order and follow it rigorously. Drop off kids at the right times and adhere to any other limitations. For example, the temporary order may restrict you from taking the children on an out-of-state vacation. If you disobey an order, this will have an impact on how the judges see you.

3. Posting on social media out of bad judgment

Be careful how you handle your social media accounts during your divorce. Venting about your ex or showing off the new person you are dating may not be the best ideas. Assume your spouse is ready to pounce on anything that may tarnish your reputation. Think twice before anything you post online. The other side may try to use any little thing against you.

In Texas, child custody decisions are based on the best interests of the children. Avoid these missteps to demonstrate that you deserve a favorable custody decision.

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