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Here’s why you should be paying your child support


Divorce is an emotionally straining period of life, which can make some court-ordered decisions feel like more of a burden than a legal obligation. However, shirking certain duties — such as child support payments — is not a good idea. Staying current on child support will not only keep a Texas parent out of trouble with the court but it also has numerous other benefits.

No, money cannot buy love. But a parent’s commitment to continued financial support of his or her children can certainly demonstrate that love. Parents who are actively engaged in the financial well-being of their children are readily displaying their level of commitment and love for their children. This involvement goes beyond finances, too. Studies have shown that when noncustodial parents pay child support, they are far more likely to remain involved in other areas of their children’s lives as well.

Staying involved in children’s lives after a divorce is certainly a top priority, but there is another relationship that parents should consider — their relationship with their ex. Sure, not everyone wants to be friends with his or her ex-spouse, but parents who have children together will have to continue being part of one another’s lives. Demonstrating accountability can help a person secure a better relationship with their children’s other parent and keeps everyone out of court.

Popular media likes to portray divorce in terms of “winning” and “losing,” but it is so much more nuanced than that. Being ordered to pay child support does not mean that a person lost the fight but that he or she has a legal obligation to continue providing financial support to his or her kids regardless of their marital status. A better understanding the benefits of these payments provide may help reshape some Texas residents’ view of this important family law matter.

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