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Couple mounts child protection defense in medical marijuana case


As states across the nation continue to struggle with the issue of medical marijuana, the courts have been slow to keep pace with the rapid changes in how this drug is used, both for medical or recreational purposes. In many cases, parents in Texas and elsewhere have been faced with the risk of losing their children after authorities took issue with their use of the drug. For one family, assistance with their child protection defense could help them regain custody of their five children.

The family lost all five kids after they moved to a different state to work. While there, they encountered difficulties with the state’s Department of Children and Families, which led to the removal of all five children from their home. The couple now wishes to move to a nearby state in order to obtain legal access to medical marijuana. The father, who served in the Navy during the Gulf War, makes use of the drug to treat his PTSD.

The family claims that they have been treated unfairly by state officials, and that they have had only very limited contact with their five children. It appears that a dispute with other family members led to the initial removal of the kids from their home, and that ongoing disputes with child protective workers has kept the case from progressing toward reunification. Now, the parents are faced with a hearing to terminate their parental rights, and are getting help from a team of attorneys who handle medical marijuana advocacy work.

That could assist them in fighting to regain their child custody rights. As for the state authorities who acted to remove the children from their home, a statement was issued that asserts that the Department for Children and Families does not act to remove children from their home based on marijuana use. That suggests that there are other issues at play in the matter, although few details have been made public concerning what those issues might be. For now, the parents will make use of their newly gained legal resources in making their child protection defense case. Texas parents who use medical marijuana may find the case of interest.

Source: CBS Denver, “Couple Fighting For Custody Of Kids Gets Help From Medical Pot Advocates“, Jeff Todd, June 12, 2017

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