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Strengthening your custody case as a father

There was a time when women were largely expected to stay home with the children while men went out to work. Generally, this view is now seen as outdated, as both women and men can pursue their careers, or provide care for the children at home. 

Perhaps you are going through a custody case and are worried that you will be up against it in terms of gaining the custody rights that are best for you and the children. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to strengthen your custody case as a father. Outlined below are a few things to consider. 

Establishing paternity is important 

You have rights as a father. However, if you’re unmarried to your child’s mother, it may benefit you to establish paternity so that you can remove the possibility of this being disputed in court. Paternity tests are relatively straightforward, and even if your spouse is not keen on the idea, the court may order that this be done in some circumstances. Establishing paternity before or during your custody case will certainly do you no harm. 

It’s your role that matters (not your gender)

Your gender shouldn’t come into the equation when custody is being decided. What matters is the role that you have taken on as a parent and the best interests of your children. If you can provide the kids with a stable home environment, then this will be taken into consideration. Additionally, if you looked after them throughout the marriage, taking them to school, helping with homework, preparing their meals, etc, then this will weigh heavily in your favor. 

Gender stereotypes over child custody are gradually starting to change. As a father, it’s still important that you have legal guidance on your side to ensure that your parental rights are upheld. 

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