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Focus on quality parenting time if your kids live out of state

When your children reside in another state, parenting time can feel like your most valuable commodity. You don’t want to miss a second of time with your kids.

You or your co-parent could relocate to minimize the distance between you, but that might mean that one of you must sacrifice your job. When you can’t spend as much time with your children as you would like, look for ways to improve the quality of your interactions.

Long-distance parenting time tips

Fortunately, you have many tools available to you that long-distance parents in other eras did not have. For example, smartphone technology can allow you to speak with and even see your children every day. You can stay current with the events in their lives and even be accessible if they need your advice at a moment’s notice.

Other ways to improve the quality of your long-distance parenting include the following:

Be emotionally accessible: Ask your kids how they are feeling and share your own emotions. When you are vulnerable enough to share your feelings, your children are more likely to reciprocate.

Follow your parenting schedule: It is critical to be there when your children expect it. Be on time for your scheduled call every time.

Share long-distance fun: Telephone and video calls can be a lot of fun. You can watch humorous videos together and share a few laughs or play fun online games with your kids.

The next time you see your children in the flesh, your efforts will pay off even more. For example, you may avoid that awkward period that sometimes arises after spending time apart.

Don’t forget that you can modify your child custody agreement if it no longer meets your or your kids’ needs. Learning more about Texas custody laws can prove invaluable.

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