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3 tips for co-parenting during the holidays

Co-parents work as a team to ensure the children have a stable and loving environment to thrive in. The holidays are a time when special activities might make things a bit busier than usual. Co-parents who can work together during this are great role models for the children. 

One of the most important things to remember is that the children must come first. They may feel uncertain about how the holidays will go. It’s up to you to show them this is still a time for love and fun. 

Plan for presents

Children of divorced parents often get a lot of gifts. Consider working with your ex to get the things the child needs and wants. This can prevent duplicate gifts, which means there may be money for other things on the child’s list. 

Prepare the children

Knowing when they will have time with each parent is likely important to the children. They may wonder how their schedule will change because of the holidays. Take the time to prepare them for the changes that were made so they don’t feel blindsided by them.

Provide mutual support

Children are going to want their parents to be there for special events, such as school plays. Communicate with your ex to ensure that both parents know about these activities. When you’re attending these, focus on the children. This isn’t a time to discuss contentious matters. 

Ultimately, co-parenting during the holidays will always evolve. Having a parenting plan that addresses these times and other points like conflict resolution is beneficial. This should be set based on what’s necessary now, and it can be modified in the future.

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