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How to build up the courage to file for divorce


Making the decision to file for divorce could be one of the hardest decisions you will have to make. With all difficult decisions, it’s often easier to simply ignore the issues and delay the decision so that you will not have to face the harsh reality. However, after many months or years of feeling miserable in your marriage, you may have finally had enough of simply accepting your reality. But now you need to build up the courage to file for divorce.

If you are ready to face the fear and actually file for divorce so you can begin a new and more positive life, the following are some tips for building up the courage.

Embrace uncertainty

Humans are wired to be threatened by uncertainty. We are often averse to change and uncertainty because it signifies danger and risk in our brains. However, we have the opportunity to use logic and life experience to advise ourselves on the opportunities that change can bring. Change can be exciting, positive and something to be embraced.

Write down your reasons

No matter how certain you feel about divorce, there will always be moments of doubt when the fear kicks in and you try to talk yourself out of it. Therefore, you should consider writing down your reasons. This can help you to process your thoughts, help you to explain your decision to others, and it can be a great document to refer back to when you are having a moment of doubt.

Be kind to yourself

Another big barrier to taking action to file for divorce is guilt and shame. It’s important that you are kind to yourself and do not blame yourself for wanting to file for divorce. Talking to a therapist and supportive friends can help with this.

If you are unhappy with your marriage and you want to file for divorce, make sure to take action to understand exactly how the law will apply in your circumstances.

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