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Does remarriage lower my child support obligation?


When you got divorced, you expected to pay child support. After all, those children were your obligation.

Now, however, you’re thinking about getting remarried — and the potential responsibilities you’ll have to your new family. You’re wondering if your remarriage will lower your current support obligation or not. Here’s what you should know.

Your remarriage may or may not make a difference to your support

It’s unlikely that a family law judge will take a potential increase in household income that comes with a parent remarrying and use it as a reason to order a mom or dad to pay additional child support beyond the current requirement. That could be good news for you if your future spouse is employed and there are no additional dependants involved. 

But what if your future spouse has children and you now have step-children to feed and clothe? While this may pose an additional financial burden on you, the courts are usually reluctant to adjust your biological child’s support downward in those kinds of situations.

On the other hand, if you have another biological child or your adopt a child with your new spouse, that may be reason enough to recalculate the amount of support you owe based on your changing family dynamics.

Should you ask for a modification of your child support?

There are various situations in which parents can request a modification of support in their San Marcos case. You may want to discuss the implications of doing so with a Texas family law attorney.

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