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Charged with neglect? You need a strong child protection defense


Parents in Texas have to be the best they can with what they have, and many sacrifice their own needs in order to meet their children’s. Sadly, parents who are struggling financially are often easy targets for the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services — DFPS. In these situations, creating a strong child protection defense is essential.

Child neglect is obviously a very serious problem that DFPS agents should address as quickly as possible. But neglect does not always look the same from case to case, so agents look for certain signs during investigations, such as dirty or torn clothing. Agents also consider whether children who are frequently absent from school or who are routinely tardy. Unmet medical or dental needs are also a possible sign of neglect.

However, these can also be signs of something else — poverty. For example, things like dental care are simply out of reach for a parent who does not have any money to cover the bill, especially since so many dentists require payment before treatment. So what might have started out as a minor tooth problem for a child could develop into something much more serious, like an infection. DFPS may launch an investigation based on that child’s unmet dental needs, and his or her parents could be charged with child neglect.

Raising a child is hard, but most parents meet this challenge head-on. Unfortunately, life is not perfect, and some parents in Texas encounter bigger hurdles when it comes to caring for their children. Speaking with an experienced attorney about building a child protection defense might be helpful for demonstrating one’s commitment to being the best possible parent.

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