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Child protection services removed infant after fall


Parents know how important it is to seek prompt medical attention for serious injuries, so getting children to the emergency room is a priority. Unfortunately, some doctors misinterpret children’s injuries. An attentive parent who was just doing his or her best to get medical treatment for a child could end up being investigated by child protective services. In 2018, two Texas parents went through this exact situation.

It all started when a 5-month-old boy fell off a camping chair and hit his head on the driveway at his family home. The infant’s mother called 911 right away, and he was admitted to a children’s hospital. Doctors at the hospital diagnosed the young boy with two skull fractures, which they insisted could not have been caused by just a single fall. Child protective services were notified and both the infant and his 2-year-old sister were temporarily removed from their parents’ care. Although the children were eventually returned to their parents, the experience was undoubtedly traumatizing to all those involved.

Other than citing two fractures, it is not clear why the doctors flagged this young child’s situation as abuse. As virtually any parent or caretaker of young children can attest, babies can roll off of surfaces and out of people’s arms very quickly. In fact, emergency rooms in America treat hundreds of infants for fall-related injuries each and every day. Some of those injuries are relatively, while others may involve bleeding and fractures.

Protecting the innocent children of Texas from abuse and neglect is an exceedingly important job. However, the results of a CPS investigation are not always accurate. Because of this, it is important for parents to craft a powerful child protection defense strategy.

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