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Maintaining child support when co-parenting


A parent is obligated to provide financial support for his or her children which is pretty straightforward if a child’s parents are still married. After divorce it takes a little more effort to make sure a child is still financially secure. Child support is usually the best method for this, and parents in Texas can even make their own support arrangements through alternative dispute resolutions, like mediation. Still, it is not uncommon for co-parents to experience support-related issues, so here are a few ways to get back on track.

Communication is extremely important for parents who are committed to co-parenting after divorce. It can still be difficult to address financial matters with an ex-spouse, though. Although it might be uncomfortable, it is a good idea for co-parents to regularly discuss children’s financial needs, including things like new extracurricular activities, new medical bills or upcoming changes. Whether in person, through email, over a text or on the phone, talking about a child’s finances about once a month is a good idea.

But what should parents do when communication is not working? Going back to the divorce agreement can be helpful, as parents should have outlined all responsibilities, including parenting time and child support. When revisiting the decree does not work, it might be time to head to court. Court-ordered child support erases any ambiguity parents might have inadvertently created in their parenting plans.

Child support is an important part of family law. Texas parents have a responsibility to not only make sure that their children are financially secure, but that those kids can also maintain a similar standard of living despite their parents’ divorces. If a parent is struggling to get the child support he or she needs, an experienced attorney can usually advise that individual on his or her best options.

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