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The dos and don’ts of social media in a divorce


There is a lot to take care of when you plan on divorcing. Although it may seem like a sad time, many people still manage to find joy in life. One Texas woman threw a party after her divorce where she burned her wedding dress and had a celebration with all her friends. 

You may feel good, but you still need to be careful about what you say to others. Be extremely cautious about what you post on social media. One wrong post could cause headaches down the line. Until the divorce is final, it is best to limit your time on social media and follow these guidelines.

Do think twice about what you post

You need to be careful about what you put online. A simple joke about your divorce may be completely innocuous, but in court, your spouse’s legal team can take it out of context. Social media posts can serve as legal evidence, so you should not post anything you would not want to come up in court.

Do not complain about parental duties

Being a parent is tough. However, you want to avoid making it sound terrible online. Your statements could factor into a judge’s decision on child custody. Again, the post may be a joke, but it takes on a different meaning in court.

Do look at your privacy settings

Your spouse’s legal team will look at your social media accounts. You do not have to hand over such information, so you should put the privacy settings on the highest levels. 

Do not post about new romances

For your emotional health, you should avoid new romances until the divorce is over. You do not want your ex to insinuate this new relationship began while the marriage was still active. Additionally, a new romance could mean you now have additional support, which can impact alimony settlements. 

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