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Why do I need a child protection defense?


Your children mean the world to you, and anything that compromises your ability to be there for them can be particularly difficult. If you were accused of abuse or endangerment, you might understandably be feeling overwhelmed and confused about what to do next. Developing a strong child protection defense can be a crucial first step to getting you and your children’s lives back on track.

The law is not stagnant, and as such rules and regulations are constantly changing. Texas Child Protective Services in particular is currently in the middle of some major changes, which can make dealing with this agency even more confusing than before. If you don’t understand what is going on or if you expect past precedents to hold, you can feel completely bowled over when you are hit with different expectations or rules.

This can come at a time when you and your children are already struggling. When CPS removes a child from their parents’ care, they often end up with outside placements. This means that your child might be in the foster care system even though there were perfectly capable family members who were willing to step up. If this is your situation, you might feel eager to deal with these issues as quickly as possible.

An experienced attorney can be an essential lifeline during these trying times. Aside from helping craft a solid child protection defense, these individuals are also well-equipped to explain the finer nuances of Texas law. More information about this matter is readily available on our website.

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