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Want a better divorce? Forget about getting revenge


In some cases, getting divorced might seem like more hassle than it is worth. There are the seemingly endless months of litigation, money shelled out for court fees and the emotional burden of fighting an ex over every small matter. Contrary to the popular depiction of divorce in the media, most Texas divorces do not have to go this way.

While divorcing couples usually have very good reasons for ending their marriages, it does not mean that they have to wage war in the courtroom. Seeking revenge by trying to “win” or getting justice in court often involves using screenshots or photographs to demonstrate just how awful their ex acted. While this might feel cathartic, outside of extenuating circumstances courts generally do not care about this information. In the end, it only drags things out and makes the process harder than it strictly needs to be.

Aside from keeping revenge out of the courtroom, it might also be helpful to avoid court altogether. Instead of pursuing the traditional course of litigated divorce, couples can mediate their dissolution instead. A third-party, neutral mediator will help couples settle their issues themselves, during which they will divide property, create child custody agreements and everything else typically involved in divorce.

Divorce can be an emotional process, but it does not have to be unnecessarily difficult. When Texas couples decide that it is best to end a marriage, it is often smart to first take the time to think about how they would like the process to go. Visualizing this aspect can help individuals approach matters in a way that best respects those goals.

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