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Woman receives $150,000 for back child support


Texas parents usually keep their children’s emotional and financial well-being in mind during divorce. This includes adhering to a child support order that ensures a child’s continued financial security. Unfortunately, some parents do not take this responsibility as seriously as they should. One woman in another state recently learned she could do something about it.

A judge recently awarded the woman $150,000 in past due child support and interest. The 74-year-old woman had divorced approximately 50 years ago and at the time her husband was ordered to pay child support for their then 3-year-old daughter. He was ordered to pay $210 for two and a half years, and after that he was to pay $180 until the child turned 18.

However, the woman claimed that he never paid any of that and instead moved to a different country. His ex-wife filed a petition for the past due support and learned that he was living in the United States again and that her state did not have a statute of limitations for back child support. In total, the judge ordered that the sum of $150,000 — which included the original $35,000 past due plus interest — be paid.

Some parents do not realize that it is possible to seek back child support. However, many parents find success in filing a motion with the court to enforce a current order or to modify it as necessary. The state of Texas does have a statute of limitations on child support, though, so to protect a child’s financial security parents are well advised to take action sooner rather than later.

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