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Preparing to announce plans to divorce


People often ignore the signs for months or even years. Still, there comes a moment when a spouse realizes the marriage is no longer working. What then? Divorce is a drastic step and affects nearly every area of one’s life. This is why it is important that Texas spouses considering divorce take some steps to protect themselves before making their plans for divorce official.

The first step many advisors recommend is seeking legal counsel. This may not be as easy as hiring the first attorney one meets, and careful consideration of the choice of lawyer can set the tone for the rest of the process. Next, it is important for any divorcing spouse to have a clear a thorough picture of his or her finances, including assets and debts. It is critical that a spouse considering divorce protect him or herself by gathering copies of all financial records and closing any joint accounts.

Although it is illegal for a spouse to hide assets during a divorce, it is also important to begin establishing a separate financial identity. This means opening a new bank account and building a separate credit history. Creating a budget based on projected post-divorce income and expenses may help one get a picture of what to expect after the divorce.

Advisors recommend that a spouse who is preparing to file for divorce in Texas not move out of the house since this could negatively affect the outcome of the divorce in many ways, including custody issues. Additionally, it is critical to avoid any illegal or questionable behavior and to keep social media posts to a minimum. Perhaps the best advice the experts offer is to follow the counsel of one’s attorney throughout the process.

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