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Is divorce contagious?


Most people in Texas know that financial stress, constant arguing and unrealistic expectations can lead couples to reevaluate their marriages. But what about other common divorce factors that are less well known? It turns out that simply knowing someone who has divorced increases the likelihood of filing for divorce. 

Researchers from three major universities — including Harvard University — pulled together to study the effect of divorce on the people around a divorcing couple. The chances of a person ending his or her marriage after a friend’s divorce is a staggering 75 percent. For those who know someone with a friend who has divorced, the chance is 33 percent. 

Researchers believe that witnessing a friend end a marriage can make people question the problems in their own relationships. Seeing a friend or acquaintance survive the process and successfully come out on the other side can also embolden some people to take a step they have otherwise been hesitant about taking. So while divorce might not be contagious, it can spread under the right conditions. 

Whether a Texas couple divorce over money issues or because their friend’s divorce highlighted problems in their own marriage, they will still have to deal with the same family law issues as everyone else. Property division, alimony and child support and custody are all common topics that must be addressed during the process. Successfully handling these and other issues is key to reaching a divorce settlement that everyone agrees on, which is why so many couples choose to utilize expert guidance when ending their marriages. 

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