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Angelina Jolie recently filed paperwork for child support


It is not uncommon for Texas couples to work out arrangements regarding their children long before they finalize their divorces. Even if child support or custody will ultimately be changed, having a tentative agreement is essential for the well-being of the children involved. However, it is usually best to have a court order in place, otherwise issues surrounding these topics are likely to come up.

Even wealthy celebrities are not immune to family law problems. Actress Angelina Jolie recently accused her ex — Brad Pitt — of skipping out on child support for their six kids. According to her, Pitt has not paid so much as a dime in support. Jolie recently filed documents seeking an official court-ordered support agreement.

Pitt refuted her claims, pointing out that he has paid Jolie approximately $9 million following their separation in Sept. 2016. More than $8 million of that went toward helping her buy a new home, and he says he spent another $1.3 million paying bills that benefited both his ex and the kids. Jolie does not deny that he made these payments, but points out that he did so in the form of a loan that she is currently repaying with interest. As she pointed out, a loan that she must repay is in no way child support.

Her filing claims that Pitt has not provided financial contributions for half of the six children’s expenses, and that she has had to largely shoulder this burden alone. The official filing seeks regular, court-ordered child support, which all divorced parents in Texas should have. Without an official court order parents can easily skip out on providing financial support, so having one in place is essential for the financial well-being of the children.

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