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Texas reality stars feud over divorce agreement, alimony


Armando and Veronica Montelongo might be known for their “Flip This House” show, but the Texas couple has been divorced for years. Their split recently made news again when Veronica claimed that her ex-husband failed to make multiple alimony payments. She claims that he violated their divorce agreement, and the two headed back to court.

The couple was married for nearly 14 years before they finalized their divorce in April 2012. Their original divorce agreement stated that Montelongo had to pay $4,000 per week for alimony. This is in addition to an annual $250,000 payment. Both the weekly and annual alimony payments were supposed to continue for five years. Veronica claims that Montelongo missed some of her 2016 payments

Veronica filed a complaint in Aug. 2017. She alleged that Montelongo only paid part of 2016 annual payment, and that he still owed her $147,500. Montelongo denied the claims, instead insisting that he had actually overpaid for 2016 by $47,600. Although Veronica initially requested that her ex be placed behind bars and fined $1,000 a day for violating their divorce agreement, the two were later able to reach an agreement that was approved by a judge. Although the details of the agreement are not entirely clear, it does state that Montelongo is fully caught up with all of his support obligations.

Alimony payments after divorce are incredibly important, and often provide necessary financial stability for Texas spouses who earned far less than their ex spouses. However, circumstances in life may change and can affect a person’s ability to continue making timely payments. In such situations, it is a good idea to petition the court for a modification as quickly as possible to avoid violating any existing agreement. Failing to do so could mean that a person will still be held responsible for past payments, regardless of change in finances.

Source:, “Montelongo divorce documents reveal eye-popping ‘spousal maintenance’ fee“, Patrick Danner, Nov. 16, 2017

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