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Facing abuse allegations? You need child protection defense


Allegations of child abuse are understandably serious, and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services — DFPS — will usually launch an investigation into such claims. This can be an understandably frightening period for families. Many are unsure of what child protection defense they might need or how to handle the possible removal of their children.

The first step following an abuse complaint is usually an investigation. These investigations can vary slightly, but typically involve a social services case worker or police officer visiting the home. Investigations not only involve viewing the interior of the home, but may also include an interview with the involved children. Parents and guardians are often interviewed as well, as are other potential witnesses, such as teachers and doctors.

An investigation might lead a case worker to close the complaint and move on, but in some instances further intervention is necessary. Interventions will vary from family to family based on their own unique situations. In the most serious of cases in which a child is believed to be in some type of imminent danger, a child might be temporarily removed from his or her home and placed with a foster care family.

Child abuse is no small matter, and DFPS typically takes accusations of such quite seriously. While these actions are often important for protecting vulnerable children in Texas, they can also place tremendous amounts of stress on otherwise struggling families. Child protection defense plans can help families dealing with abuse allegations assert their rights as they deal with the system.

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