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What are some of the common causes for divorce?


Over the years, researchers have spent a considerable amount of time attempting to figure out what causes marriages to end. The results can vary widely from study to study, but a review of several studies does highlight some common reasons why couples divorce. More than likely, Texas couples either contemplating divorce or already going through the process can relate to at least one.

Money problems remain a point of contention with many couples. Whether it stems from a lack of money, someone’s spending habits or some other dispute, finances prove to be a point of contention. Money is not the only thing couples argue about, however.

Many couples argue about a variety of issues, and cannot seem to stop disagreeing. Couples tend to have the same arguments over and over again until they realize that their disagreements may be their only common ground. As a result, one or both parties may turn to two of the other common reasons for divorce — substance abuse or infidelity. Other couples realize that they have simply grown apart. Perhaps they ignored the signs while raising their children, but once they are alone again, they figure out they have nothing left in common.

No matter what a Texas couple says that led to the end of the marriage, the choice to divorce may be one of the last decisions they make as a married couple. Thereafter, all of the decisions each of them make are designed to create a secure future as a single person. Knowing what decisions will improve the chances of financial stability and security post-divorce may require the assistance of a family law attorney.

Source:, “7 common reasons people say they got divorced“, Shana Lebowitz, Dec. 18, 2017

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