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Struggling to pay child support?


While financially supporting your child is a must, sometimes you may find it a challenging task. What can you do if you honestly cannot afford to meet your child support obligation? According to the state of Texas, you may have the ability to seek an order adjustment.

When child support is ordered, the amount set is based on a number of factors — one of them being your income level at the time. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to experience a change in financial circumstances after the initial order is created. Maybe you lost your job or got demoted, maybe you are going through a health crisis, or are taking care of a family member who is; there are a number of things that may happen in your life that will have an effect on your economic circumstances.

So, you’ve experienced a change in circumstances? Does that mean you can just stop paying support or reduce the amount you send? Legally, no. You may be able to work out a new support agreement with the receiving parent on your own, but if that does not work, you will have to petition the court in order to seek a modification. If you want to learn more about how that is done, please take a moment and visit our firm’s website.

For Texas residents, filing such a request is really a simple task. Getting the request approved is another story. Just because you file a child support modification request, it does not mean that the court has to give it to you. With the assistance of legal counsel, you can take the steps necessary to help you fight for a more affordable child support order.

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