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Signs your child is struggling with the divorce

Divorce can be emotionally draining on adults, and this is often heightened for children. Children may not necessarily understand the how and why of what’s happening.

One thing that you and your spouse can do is to try to remain as amicable as possible, but your child may still feel the effects. Recognizing the signs that your child is struggling early on can help you to find suitable solutions. Outlined below are a few important things to consider.

Has their performance dropped at school?

During your marriage, your child was essentially a straight A student. Post-divorce, their grades have dropped off considerably. It could be that they are just finding the work difficult, but it can also be a sign that they are taking the divorce with them to school.

Teachers are more than aware that family circumstances can impact performance, and they’ll be receptive to helping you come up with a plan. If you and your co-parent are able to work on this together, then you can better get your child back to where they were. The key is to be proactive and work as a team.

Have they lost interest in socializing?

Your child has always been sociable, and they enjoy after-school clubs and being with friends. Since the divorce, they’ve barely left their room during their free time. This strikes you as unusual as they are frequently turning their friends away.

In such a situation, it may be beneficial to try to have a sensitive chat with them to see if they’ll open up about their feelings. They could be feeling embarrassed or frustrated with the situation, which can often be remedied with communication.

A team approach

It’s perfectly feasible for your child to prosper post-divorce, but it can take some effort. It’s important that you and your co-parent approach this as a co-parenting team, and the custody arrangement will be the foundation for this. If you see issues with the current arrangement, then you may want to seek some legal guidance and request a modification.The post Signs your child is struggling with the divorce first appeared on McNutt Law Firm PLLC.

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