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Reasons getting married early increases divorce odds

When teenagers tell their parents that they want to get married, it’s very common for those parents to warn them to be careful. They may love their child’s boyfriend or girlfriend and have no problem with their relationship. But they may still be nervous about the couple getting married.

One of the reasons for this is simply that those who get married before turning 28 are more likely to get divorced than those who wait until a later age. But why is this? Why do these young marriages so often result in divorce?

Financial difficulties

One potential issue is that the couple could run into financial problems and be unable to support themselves. Most people at this age are still working low-level jobs and it can be hard to independently support a new family unit at 18. This is especially true when children are involved. Young parents are forced to grow up quickly, and it can be stressful. 

Growing and changing

Additionally, couples can grow and change over time, especially because brain development isn’t finished until around 25 years old. Someone who gets married at 18 may find out that the person they’re married to at 28 doesn’t seem the same at all, and they may no longer be happy.

Drifting apart

Additionally, this is just a time when people tend to have experiences and grow and learn who they are. If they go to college, for instance, it may expand their horizons. In some cases, this just causes couples to drift apart.

If you do decide to get divorced after getting married at a young age, it’s important to know about all the legal steps that you need to take to move forward with your life.

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