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Ask yourself these 3 questions before getting a divorce

Whatever the reason you married, your visions of a happy future didn’t play out. You find yourself wondering whether you need to start over. You find yourself wondering if you would be better off single again.

The feeling may have been creeping in the back of your head for a while, but now you’re positive whatever started your marriage is lost. Divorce or separation is a big step to consider and you should be sure this is what you want to do. Here are three questions you should ask yourself:

Have you done everything you feel you need to do to save the marriage?

Divorce or separation, like marriage, is a big change. You want to be sure that you have no regrets. If you’ve already tried talking to your spouse, couple’s counseling, individual counseling and other means of rescuing your marriage, you can honestly say that you’ve done everything possible before making this move.

Are you financially prepared for a divorce or separation?

You may have gotten married because it was financially sound. Together, the rent was cheaper, you made easier payments on a house or car, and life was less of a struggle. You may have realized the only reason you were married was that it was a move toward financial security — and that’s no longer enough. If you’re prepared for the financial changes that come with a divorce, you can make your decision based purely on how you feel.

Are you going to be happy being single again? 

You may find that your love has been dwindling for the past couple of years. Once you were always together with your spouse, but now the marriage lacks intimacy. You may have realized your spouse was controlling or abusive after your marriage. Getting a divorce could help you find a new place of calm and happiness. You may genuinely enjoy being free again so that you can rediscover yourself.

If you’ve reached the point where staying married no longer seems possible, seek experienced help to know what it takes to get a divorce 

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