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Celebrating your child’s birthday after divorce

Every year, your child looks forward to celebrating his birthday. Don’t let your divorce ruin the festivities. Talk to your ex and decide the best way for the two of you to peacefully celebrate your child’s birthday.

Take into consideration what your child wants to do and see if that’s something you can handle together. If you and your ex-partner can find a way to work together, the celebration will be more enjoyable for your child.

There are several ways to celebrate your child’s birthday after divorce. These include:

Have one big party for all family members and friends

If you and your ex can get along together in the same room and think that your family and friends can behave, you can have one big celebration like you always do. Choose a neutral location such as a party center, gaming arcade or skating rink. By having the party at a neutral venue, you and your ex can avoid trying to decide who should have the party. Plus, neither of you will have to clean up afterward.

Divide up the celebrations

If you and your ex can’t get along, it makes more sense to have separate celebrations. There are two ways you can do this:

  • Each parent does a separate party every year.
  • You take turns throwing the parties.
  • Split the day. One of you can take your child to a brunch celebration. The other can take your child for dinner.

As long as everyone remembers that it’s a special day for your child, you should be able to have a great celebration. Birthdays are just one of the many things you need help to plan for when negotiating custody.

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