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Planning visitation time with a heavy workload

When you have a busy career and know that you’re going to have limited time to see your child, you may opt to have the other parent have primary custody and to have visitation time yourself. You might see your child physically twice or three times a week for several hours or overnight.

You try to get as much time in as you can, but since you are often away on business, it can be hard to see your child regularly. What can you do to show them that you do want to be present in their life?

Consider virtual visitation options

One option that might work well for you in this scenario is to opt for adding additional virtual visitation time. Virtual visitation is visitation that takes place over digital means like over the phone, computer or gaming system. You might play a game online with your child or call over a video service to help them with homework. Best of all, you can do this from your office, on the road or even from another country.

Virtual visitation gives options to busy dads

The wonderful thing about virtual visitation is that it allows you to spend more time with your child no matter where you are. You can call from another country and get a live video stream of them playing a soccer game or competing in a math competition. You can help them with homework an hour every night even when you can’t leave the office.

Not being physically present doesn’t mean that your presence shouldn’t be felt. If you do your best to stick with your physical custody schedule and would like to add on more time to talk and see your child, virtual visitation gives you the ability to do so.

This is something to talk to the other parent about, because it could be a good way to build better relationships all around. If you decide that you’d like to implement virtual visitation, then you will need to petition the court to make it a part of your custody order in the future.

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