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Helping your child during divorce


Going through a divorce does not only affect the two people breaking up. It can also have a huge effect on their loved ones, and in particular their children. If you have young children, you should make sure to put them first during this time by considering their needs. Your child’s needs will depend heavily on their age and their personality traits. For example, a toddler who is very attached to their parents will have completely different needs in comparison to a very social teenager.

However, it is also important to recognize that all children have the need to feel loved and safe, even if these needs are not obvious from their behavior. The following are some tips for helping your child during your divorce process.

Break the news to them in an age-appropriate way

You should talk to your children about the future as soon as you are certain of your plans, but not before. Many couples who are dealing with tensions in their marriage can manage to work things out without resorting to divorce, and wherever possible it is a good idea to keep your child out of the tumultuous highs and lows of your relationship. Explain to them what is happening and reassure them of the things that will stay the same. Make sure that you give them the opportunity to express their concerns or ask questions.

Give your children a sense of security

Young children tend to rely on a feeling of security and a routine in order to feel safe and secure. It is important that you take the time to emphasize the things in your child’s life that will stay the same, such as the love and support they get from both of their parents.

If you are having troubles in your marriage and you believe that divorce may be on the horizon, you should make sure to prioritize your children by getting a sense of security. Creating a well-planned divorce strategy can help you to do that.

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