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Divorce without children can be just as difficult


It’s common for couples to go through a divorce when they have dependent children. This means that there is an added issue to navigate in their divorce: child custody and co-parenting. While these topics can come with complex issues and make the entire divorce process more stressful and heart-wrenching, the fact that you do not have children does not necessarily make your situation any easier.

The fact that you do not have children may be a personal choice, or it may have been a factor in the breakdown of your marriage that is still a sensitive topic for you. For you, divorce is likely going to center around making sure that you are able to gain a sense of closure and move on while having financial security. The following is an overview of what to expect when going through a divorce without children.

Your divorce is likely going to cost less

The good news is that divorcing without children costs less on average. It’s important to note that every situation is different, however. High asset couples in contested divorces may be set to spend a large amount on litigation to get the settlement they want.

Your divorce is likely to be quicker

It takes relatively less time to complete divorces that do not involve child custody or child support issues. Divorce cases without child-related issues took 11 months on average to complete compared to an average of 15 months for child-related divorces.

Your divorce will not be less heart-wrenching

Be gentle with yourself during your divorce and don’t be pressured into feeling that your divorce must be easier because children are not involved. The breakdown of a relationship is always difficult, and it will take time to heal.

If you are going through a divorce, consider taking action to put in place a divorce strategy so that you are in complete control of your future.

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