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How to proactively handle a CPS investigation: 6 tips


In the United States, Child Protective Services (CPS) is an organization funded by taxpayer money and tasked with protecting children from abuse. CPS comes knocking to investigate a potential child abuse case. 

If you’re being investigated, it’s natural to feel scared and vulnerable — but there is hope! There are many reasons why they might come knocking at your door and it’s important to know how you can keep them away. 

What can I do if they come knocking?

Remembering these simple steps could make all the difference when being investigated by CPS:

  • Maintain updated information: Let CPS know if you move to a new address or change phone numbers.
  • Keep a unified front: Make sure all adults living in your home have current contact information and are willing to be contacted by CPS.
  • Do careful record keeping: Keep records of your children’s doctor visits and any medical concerns you have.
  • Maintain consistency: Keep your child in the same school for as long as possible and your residence stable.
  • Stay up-to-date: Make sure to keep up with all your CPS-related paperwork, including getting them signed every time they come over for a visit.
  • Keep a safe environment: Make sure that you have a working fire alarm and smoke detector on every floor of the house, including the basement.

These six tips should help get the ball rolling on getting a CPS case closed as fast as possible.

If you’re being investigated by Child Protective Services and are looking for help, it is imperative to seek legal counsel that is experienced in defending your rights against CPS. For an advocate to develop a solid defense, it is best to be honest about any past criminal history or instances of child abuse so there will be no surprises when it comes time for trial. These six steps should go a long way towards keeping CPS off my back!

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