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What are some signs that your spouse wants a divorce?


As with any legal proceeding, it’s best to plan ahead. With a divorce, this may mean considering your options before your spouse has officially filed. Divorce can take months, and working on getting things in order not only speeds up the process but also helps you protect your interests.

But how can you know that your spouse is thinking about divorce? You need to know what signs to look for. 

Key red flags you may notice

While it is true that every relationship is different, there are some common red flags you may notice, including the following

  • You feel more like roommates than a married couple. You get along, but there’s no romance. You just share a house.
  • Your spouse spends more time with friends or at the office, or you feel like they’re always coming up with reasons not to spend time with you.
  • Arguments used to happen frequently, but they have recently stopped. Your spouse may have decided that it’s not worth the energy to argue if they’re just going to ask for a divorce.
  • You’re not emotionally connected. If you’re happy or sad about something, your spouse doesn’t seem to have any empathy or feel excited on your behalf.

As you can see, many couples just feel like they’re drifting apart. No one has an affair. There is no abuse. All of the major reasons for a divorce are lacking, but they just slowly begin feeling like they’re no longer in love. 

When this happens, a divorce may become inevitable. You need to plan ahead and make sure you look into all of your legal rights carefully. That’s the best way to be proactive about a better future.

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