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Should you date during a divorce?


Some people get out of a bad marriage and immediately want to enter a better relationship. However, there are plenty of pitfalls to this course of action, and you should think twice before jumping into a new relationship so soon. 

During divorce proceedings, it is important to take care of yourself. No matter how good a relationship may seem, there will always be stresses associated with it. You need to be careful about who you spend time with at this trying time. Most people will find it is preferable to at least wait until finalizing the divorce before beginning a new relationship. 

Dating could impact the divorce proceedings

You need to remember that even after you file for divorce, you remain legally married to your spouse for the time being. That means dating and having a sexual relationship with someone new is technically adultery. In the state of Texas, adultery does not have any major impact on the divorce proceedings. A judge will not give your spouse more money because you began a relationship after filing for divorce. However, it could make your spouse vindictive. He or she may put up a fight over property or child custody to hurt you. You need to be careful about who you date, and you need to watch out for who finds out you are with someone new. 

Your new partner could end up in the fray

A particularly vindictive spouse may try to dig up dirt on your new partner. When it comes to child custody, your spouse may look for any reason why your new partner would be unfit to raise children. If you do not know this person very well, then you may learn things that could impact the case. Additionally, you need to be wary about moving in too soon with this partner. If you have a new place to live, then your spouse could use that to get out of paying you as much alimony

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