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Headed for your 2nd divorce? You’ll face unique hurdles


Whether divorcing for the first or second time, the process is an undeniably emotional one. However, individuals who are pursuing their second divorce might encounter more complicated issues than those who are on their first. Issues such as property division, child custody and even financial security after divorce can all feel harder to manage for a person who already has one divorce under his or her belt.

Texas parents of young children usually do their very best to keep their children’s best interests as the focal points of their divorces. This can be easier said than done for a person who has minor children from both a current and prior marriage. Establishing a new child custody agreement while still having an agreement from a past relationship can get complicated. Parents often struggle with finding the right balance between the two, and whether parenting time should overlap or if parents should try and focus on children separately.

Child support is another complicating factor, as are alimony and financial settlements from a first divorce. If a person is still paying for any of these things, his or her ability to pay after a second divorce may be diminished. Additionally, depending on a person’s age, financially recovering from a second divorce can be somewhat harder than from a first divorce. This is especially true for those who are closer to retirement.

No one in Texas should put off filing for divorce because they have lingering concerns from their first one. However, filing for divorce a second time does mean that a person should be prepared to deal with difficult financial topics during the process. In general, those who pay careful attention to important details during divorce and who seek help when necessary can conclude their divorce proceedings in a manner that they are happy with.

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